The first time we tried anal, he says, was only a few weeks after our very first time. We snuck a bottle of rum from her father’s liquor cabinet and I drove this time, with her left hand on my leg and she told me to go, to just drive until we get to that old movie theater, she told me, where they have those weird looking willow trees that smell like semen. Or kind of like semen she told me and two miles before we see the exit for the old movie theater, she was already unbuttoning everything and pulling everything free and naked in her seat. Her jeans on the dashboard, her warm smell along with the heaters on. Then reaching over to my seat, causing me to swerve back and forth, and left and right, on an empty alien highway and she was laughing diabolically, like she wanted me she said.

The first time we tried anal, he says, she was laying down on her reclined passenger seat, and she told me to try something new. She magically said that. Watching the wind like color swaying the willow trees and the leaves and heavy branches. Try something new. Looking at me in the reflection of the rear view mirror, like we were the same person or something. We had the same color eyes I remember. Dark brown pupils.

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